The perfect morning

50 minutes power walk with the dogs and 2 eggs with a big, warm latte add to it. Pretty much an awesome morning! :) 
Feel more than ready to go to work. 

On the way we crossed a downfalled tree that wasn't there yesterday so it must have been very blowing this night. 

Change the language

Im going to try to write my blog in english, just to practice. And to show the people out there how it is to live in Sweden :) I love to be in the USA and I hope for my future that I can travel alot more than I do now. Like 2 times each year. Anyhow... Im gonna give it a try! And I hope you can look between the fingers sometimes when it comes to the grammar.
Just saw episode 16 of the vampire diearies, thats directed by Ian Somerhalder and MY GAWD it was the best episode ever. I hope it will come more of these episoes that just makes me sit nailed to it. It was a while ago that I felt like that.. 
Now I will take my mittelspitz out for a nice run in this awesome weather =) 

Aqua blue glitter

En och en halv vecka senare kom mina lack..... Inte särskilt rapp leveranstid där ;) idag testade jag aqua blue glitter tillsammans med fresh pink pearl. 
Ville göra något roligt så det fick bli detta: 

Naglarna gick totalt av när jag lackade med vanlig nagellack häromdagen så nu är dom korta och ojämna i nån vecka framöver...  Det är väldigt glittrigt iallafall :)